Please find the answers to Frequently Asked Questions from our customers

Just give us call and we’ll help you from there. Alternatively you can fill and submit the form in Home page or Free quote page. We’ll send you a detailed quotation in few minutes.

We only need following details;

  • Pickup address
  • Delivery address
  • Date you prefer to move
  • Contact number

We trust you, No deposit required

On completion of your house moving, office relocation, interstate move, rubbish removal or man with van service you can pay the driver.

Yes, we are insured

Before the moving day we recommend you to pack all your smaller items into moving boxes and label them accordingly. Labelling the boxes is very helpful when you start to unpack.   Use a colour code to identify which room the boxes belonged.

boxes All the electrical items including televisions, computers, sound systems should be disconnected. Refrigerators, washing machines, microwave, dishwasher and dryers need to be emptied and dried. 

If you can dismantle beds, tables and cots. If you cannot do it, don’t worry our Removalists will do it for you.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the weather condition on the day you want to move. Most often you cannot change the date due to all other arrangemnets.  We understand your situation. Although it’s always easy to move on perfect weather conditions, our removalists never  hesitate to work on bad weather.

Yes, you need to book a time slot for your move. Contact building manager and book it in advance. If your building manager asked for a public liability insurance, let one of our Melbourne Efficient Removals staff know. We will provide it to you before the move day.

Yes, we do. Please do not water the plants few days prior. Keep in mind, plants take a lot of space in the truck. Sometimes live plants traumatised by long distance travel, extreme heat or motion. So it’s recommend to provide some extra care after the moving.

You can keep moving costs down by doing following things;

  • You can help the removalists to move the smaller items to and from from the truck.
  • If you are fit enough you can assist the movers to carry heavier items.
  • Put all the small items in moving boxes.
  • Dismantle beds and tables

As long as it’s a simple disconnect and reconnect, they will do it for you. Keep in mind, they are not plumbers.

It depends, sometimes we are booked out. Sometimes we got free time slot here and there. 

If you are lucky we might be able to book your move as little as few hours notice. However it’s always good to book ahead. 

Yes we do work 7 days a week. It’s same charges on weekends as well.

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